iLov NF-1

Ultimate Max for Live Editor.


The NF-1 is the first synyhesizer manufactured by Modor in 2015.
This remarkable digital DSP synthesizer uses the classic structure of VA-synths with oscillators, multimode filter, effects and a cool formant filter. The parameters can be modulated using LFO's, envelopes and a modulation matrix.
The NF-1m or mini Modor has the same sound engine but packed in a smaller and more portable version.

iLovNF-1 is a Max For Live editor designed to easily control your Modor NF-1 or NF-1m synthesizer from Ableton Live. Creating, editing, and saving your sounds become child's play.
The device keeps intact the philosophy of the Modor synth and its creative flow, but also adds creative tools to stay inspired.

On sale 12€


Like on the Modor NF-1(m), iLovNF-1 is divided in different sections:
Oscillators section, Filters section, Effects section and Modulation section which contains envelopes, LFO's and a modulation matrix.

iLovNF-1 M4L device

The parameters of each one of these sections can be randomized to modify the patche or create a new one.

The device has been clearly designed for you to stay focus on what you are doing.


  • Control the sound of your Modor NF-1(m) on Ableton Live with the same ease and ergonomy of a VSTi plugins.

  • Use the smart randomization to quikly generate new ideas.

  • Add movement to your sound and automate midi track with any of the NF1(m) parameters.

  • Save and load your own patches on your computer.

  • Parameters values are automatically memorized with your Ableton Live session and sent to your Modor NF-1(m) when restarting.