iLov Analog

Ultimate Max for Live Editor.


The Elektron Analog Four and Analog Keys are a fully analog 4-voice table top synthesizer with digital controls and digital send effects.

Each of the four voices (track) has a set of pre-defined modules: oscillators and waveform generators, filters, envelopes, amplifiers and LFO’s and a set of send effects (delay, reverb, chorus effect) that may be combined.

iLov Analog is a kit of 3 Max For Live devices designed to easily control all the parameters of the Elektron A4 or Analog Keys synthesizer in Ableton Live. Each track can be edited and automated on its own midi channel.

Get access to creative tools that let you design your sounds, smart randomization, midi track automation, while remaining focused on the music production.



iLov Analog is made of 3 Max for Live midi devices:

iLov Analog Track M4L device controls the parameters of each sound on 4 separated midi tracks. It also allows you to load and save new sounds to your computer.


iLov Analog FX contains all the parameters of the effects system.


iLov Analog Perf displays the 10 performance controller knobs.



  • Control and design each sound of the 4 A4/Analog Keys tracks on separated Ableton Live midi channels with the same ease and ergonomy of a VSTi plugins.

  • Control your sound with Ableton Push or another midi controller. Bi-directional control.

  • Generate new sounds with the smart randomization.

  • Import sound from your A4/Analog Keys, edit and save them to computer.

  • Add movement to your sounds and automate midi tracks with any of your A4/Analog Keys parameters.

  • Parameters values are automatically memorized with your Ableton Live session and sent to your A4/Analog Keys when restarting.